Digitize Your Old Home Movies!

Old movies (8mm and 16mm) are so precious. They hold so many memories. Preserve them now by having them converted onto DVDs before it's too late. We specialize in the repair and conversion of old films and photos. We use professional gear to capture your old films, so bad sprocket holes do not matter!

Check out our media samples page for  samples of converted films

  • 3" Reel (50 Feet)
  • 5" reel (200 Feet)
  • 6" Reel (300 Feet)
  • 7" Reel (400 Feet) 
            Prices includes cleaning/lubricating film
            Results on DVD with chapters
            Copies of DVD $10   
            Results in .avi or .mov $20 - $40, depending on length

  • $20 Minimum  which come out to $5 per 15 minutes.
            Copies of DVD $20   
            Results in .avi or .mov $20 - $40, depending on length

  • Slides and Photos are scanned at high resolution, which would allow any of these to be printed.
            25 cents for each and results are written to a data DVD or CD


             Color correction, custom arranging, multiple formats mixed for final
                             Slide show tributes, editing existing video.
             Above will be $50 per hour that can be in ¼ hour increments

Thank you for your interest. Any additional questions with regards to rates and services, click on the Contact Us page.
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Movie Film-Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16 mm Film

VHS and Other Tape (8mm, Hi-8, VHSc,etc) Transfers

Slides and Photos and 35mm Negatives

Editing Services